How to download your Facebook Photos

We have all considered leaving Facebook from time to time. The increase in adverts, ruining what should be a seamless flow of positivity, good-looking friends and family all being generally brilliant, politics – wait. That’s the irritating stuff.

What holds us back from leaving, is often the material of our own lives which is stored there. In a world where memory is not regularly exercised because of the proliferation of tools to record the information we used to have to recall, Facebook is one of those things that allows us to create albums of images taken not just by us, but by people who shared the same experiences. So, what have you got to lose if you close your Facebook account?

It depends if you deactivate your account or delete it. Deactivating your account retains all the information you have on there – it sits dormant until you reactivate. Deleting it means you can’t regain access to your account, or any of the content. Facebook delay deletion of your account for a couple of days, to allow you to change your mind – the activity of logging in within that timeframe should result in your profile being reinstated.

If you want to save your Facebook photographs, there is a way to do it. This might just be good practice, every once in a while, in case your account is hacked.

There are a few ways to download Facebook photos, but this method is free and doesn’t take too long – one album I downloaded which had over 300 images took 5 minutes.

It downloads your album as a .zip file, then you choose where to save it. If you wish to create a folder specifically for your Facebook photos, it’s easier to do that first. As you then save each folder, you can rename it.

  1. If you don’t already have Chrome, download it

  2. Download an extension to Chrome, called PhotoLive Downloads - a small icon will appear on your Chrome toolbar, don’t worry if you don’t see it.

  3. Open Facebook/Photos and select the album you wish to download

  4. Look for the album settings icon (little cog) and click it – from the dropdown, select Download Album

  5. Click on the notification and save the album – it will be prefixed by ‘facebook album…’, so if you aren’t sure where you have saved it to, you can search for it using those terms.

Never worry about losing your photos (or memories) again.

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