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What is coaching?

It is a series of conversations that provide you with clarity and the conviction you need to get to where you want to go. It clarifies your 'being' in the world and moves you from thinking toward 'doing'. It asks, what do you really want? How will you start to design your current personal or professional life and then commit to making it happen?

Why coaching?

Some people simply want more out of life. They want it enough to invest in a working relationship with someone who believes in them and their potential and will help them figure out the destination and the journey. There might just be a particular challenge you are facing personally or professionally, a fork in the road, a wish to rewrite some of the myths you tell yourself about you, or a sense of something missing.

Why me?

I’ve won, I’ve failed, I’ve fought, I’ve struggled to ask for help - just like you.  I completed my training in February 2021 - I have received coaching which profoundly changed the way I experience life. I'm happier, focused, and cope with challenges better. I've just taken my stabilizers off, so am not charging an arm and a leg.

Lean into change. Create some ripples. Join me in the sandpit and we will build great sandcastles. 

I'm trained by the Coactive Training Institute and am bound by the ethics of the International Coach Federation


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