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Young Gymnast


I help you create order, and empower you to manage the paperwork, applications, or projects you never quite get to, without the emotional involvement which can stop you from taking action.


Support to manage home administration:

Help with a wide range of practical tasks which eat into time with family and friends – for example, electronic or paper filing, budgeting, research – based on criteria that you set, and what’s really important to you, and presented in a way that allows you to make decisions.

Administration know-how for the self-employed and small businesses:

Create a strategy to control the tasks that can feel overwhelming, simplify decisions that stop you taking action. Sometimes you may need an impartial sounding-board to help you work through a particular decision, and a credible generalist may be more useful than an expert.


Wide-ranging experience in the Arts, Consultancy, Skills and Certification and IT,  leveraging management, administration and project management expertise, delivered work internationally for flagship organisations.